What is the cost of asbestos removal?

The cost of asbestos removal is a hot topic and a question that we get asked regularly, so as a local family-friendly business we've decided to be completely upfront and honest about it! See below for a comprehensive list of our pricing.


Perhaps the most common question when anyone encounters what they think is asbestos in their home is "what is the cost of asbestos removal?"

... In the past, many asbestos removal businesses were not clear or honest about the cost of asbestos removal, keeping it a closely guarded secret from their competitors and the general public. We at Adios decided that was not a part of the "friendly local business" model we wished to adopt. We have mortgages and family too, and love supporting the local community, so we thought what better way to operate a business than to be completely honest and up-front about asbestos costs and fees so the customer can make a clear and educated decision!

As a general pricing guide here are our basic costings for asbestos testing, removal and replacement:


As a proud local family-based business we offer our local communities a $0 call out fee. This includes one of our estimators coming to your house/site and measuring up any suspected asbestos materials and giving FREE asbestos while there.


This is based on samples delivered to our office (supplied in correct double wrapped plastic sealed sandwich bags). Initial on-site samples taken by one of our licensed professionals are usually $90 for the first sample then $50 per additional sample, depending on location. All results are guaranteed within 3 working days.


This price is based on asbestos sheeting that has had all trims and skirting, edges, etc removed and is subject to location.

ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT PLANS (and Inspection Reports): $299*

This price is based on standardised AMP's or IR's. Price subject to location.


This price is based on an asbestos roof that is low-level and flat with no hips or valleys and is under 100m2, the price is subject to location, dumping fees and clearance certificates.


This price is based on an asbestos roof that is low-level and flat with no hips or valleys and is under 80m2, price may be subject to location, dumping fees and clearance certificates.

As part of our commitment to supporting our local community we also offer a "FREE ASBESTOS ADVICE" Facebook page and a bunch of DIY asbestos video's on our youtube channel that you can visit by clicking the links below:

*All pricing above is "FROM" the lsited rate. All pricing listed above is correct at time of listing but it is subject to change at any time. Pricing above is subject to GST. EVERY job is different and prices will vary accordingly. Please use these figures as a guide only.



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